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In the process of making products, we ensure that we do not use preservatives, bleach, or any other chemicals. We apply standard operating procedure to ensure high quality product. Our products is naturally vegan, nut-free, grain-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Through a series of processes, cassava is processed into various kinds of products which is ready to be used in daily needs. Moreover, cassava usually used for food as a cooking or baking ingredient, and industrial purposes.


Obesity and diabetes are on the rise, and people need to reduce grains and gluten in order to maintain their health, which motivates us to make changes. Cassava is a staple dish that is both satisfying and nutritious. Furthermore with the development of the times, cassava has evolved into a variety of products that can be utilized as the primary ingredient in a variety of foods or for industrial purposes. We’re joining hands to build a better shared future for everyone.

Pure from indonesian soil

Made from 100% Indonesian cassava. The raw materials are grown in cassava plantations spread over 8 areas on the island of Java. We work together with local farmers in the process of planting to harvesting cassava, which is done without pesticides.

cassava flour


King cassava premium cassava flour made with fresh cassava from Indonesia. Our product has no additives and processed using a hygiene method to ensure high-quality cassava flour. It has white color without bleaching process, giving it similar characteristics to wheat flour.  Our cassava flour has no musty smell and more nutritious, because of the fermenting process. This ingredient become a healthy option for people who follow a strict diet or have food allergies or sensitivities.


cassava starch (tapioca flour)

Cassava starch or many people known as tapioca starch, made from cassava tubes too. After cassava is harvested, it will be peeled, cut into a pieces and dried. Dried and peeled cassava will be extracted into cassava starch. Tapioca starch has glutinous texture, usually for thickening dish or become main or added ingredient for cooking or baking.


gaplek flour

Cassava has long been known as the staple foods that not only provides great nutrition but all parts of cassava can be used and utilized. The cassava is washed with clean water to remove the dirt that sticks. For the next step, it will be drained and dried. After that will be grind into powder. This flour has high nutrition, that usually used for animal feed, also can be used for many of processed products, such as compost, and others.


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