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Cassava flour brings change into the food world, becoming one of the food ingredients that has many health benefits, great alternatives, and is included in the gluten-free flour line. On the other hand, it’s grain-free, cassava flour is a good choice for more than just those with gluten intolerance symptoms—it’s also paleo-friendly and can be consumed by people with sensitive digestive systems or disorders, such as irritable bowel disease.

King Cassava premium cassava flour

We offer the premium cassava flour. One of the reasons that make our cassava flour “premium” is the high quality. Cassava flour production follows several steps, from harvesting to ready to be shipped. One of the processes is soaking the cassava. The purpose of this step is to make our cassava flour more nutritious and remove the HCN content. In addition, our premium cassava flour is very easy to use in recipes or the food industry and can be used directly as a substitute for wheat flour.

Furthermore, some cassava flour has a sour smell or taste of cassava, and sometimes it will be annoying. The difference with our product is our cassava flour has no musty smell and a neutral taste/ bland, which makes it good to use for cooking and baking. Also, our cassava flour has a neutral white color without additive ingredients.

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